• To work and get paid
  • Use my creative and technical abilities to their fullest extent.
  • To work with a team of individuals with collective ideas that are bigger than themselves.
  • Experience new and different people, places, and advanced concepts regularly.


  • Self Motivated
  • Creative Thinker
  • Technically Inclined
  • Twenty plus years in multi-tasking environments.
  • Ability to lead Men. I have experience working with crews of up to 20 men under my direct supervision.
  • Sales, Service and Support oriented.
  • The ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and steer towards completion of the task at hand.
  • The willingness and determination to finish all assigned tasks within a specified time period.
  • The ability to grasp new and foreign ideas quickly.
  • A solid history of past performance.


  • Theodore High School
    High School Graduate, 1985


  • Paper Boy: Selma Times Journal, Eighty Customers
  • Burger King
  • Construction Laborer: Various roofing, framing and siding contractors
  • Durable Medical Equipment Service and Support: Dunn Medical, Newman’s Medical
  • Office Manager: Dunn Medical
  • Sales Manager: Southland Business Machines, Parallax Productions
  • Project Manager: Team Eclipse
  • Stage Manager: Crew Supervisor, Joe B. Presents, Bayfest, Jazz in the Plaza
  • Sound Engineer: Sound Associates, Parallax Productions, Absolute Entertainment
  • Television Photographer: National distribution, Parallax Productions
  • Production Manager Sound Associates INC.
  • Video Producer Sound Associates INC.
  • Owner: Absolute Entertainment and Production Services. Est. June 1993
  • References Available Upon Request